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Square Dance Calls

Square dancing is dancing with a real-time choreographer.  A caller can call any of the calls (dance moves) that are defined as part of the applicable dance program. 

There are quite a few calls in square dancing but because they occur in families of similar movements they are easy to learn.  Most dancing takes place at the Mainstream program.  To get to Mainstream a dancer learn the following 3 sets of square dance calls:

·         Basic (Part A - 30 calls)

·         Basic (Part B - 21 additional calls for a total of 51 calls)

·         Mainstream (17 additional calls for a total of 68 calls)

All beginning square dance lessons are intended to enable students to master the 68 total calls in the Mainstream Dance program.  Many dancers, including all the members of the Cascade Crossfires, go on and learn one more set: the Plus Program calls.  These are an additional 31 calls which brings the total to 100 calls that a caller may call in the dance.  Square dances are advertised as a “Level Dance” (i.e., a restricted set of calls for current students), Mainstream Dance, or Plus Dance so that dancers can plan to attend dances that fit with a program they are comfortable with.  All of the Cascade Crossfires dances are Plus Program dances.

There are yet more advanced calls. See the Square Dancing Levels entry in the Terms and Definitions page.

The following is not an endorsement or recommendation of any product:  The website has animations of many of the Basic, Mainstream, and Plus calls.  This can be useful for reviewing calls between lessons or refreshing rusty memories.






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